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Good morning God of us all,

Thank you for blessing us all to experience life on Planet Earth
I first would ask of You, to bless Yourself a thousand times the number of times you have blessed us as Your creations here on Planet Earth -- forgive us for the sins we have caused to others knowingly and unknowingly -- allow your Angels of wisdom, compassion, love and patience to comfort us as we travel to and from our destinations -- and as we travel to and from our destinations, send us inspirational and motivational messages whether it be through signage we drive by, material we hear over the speakers in our vehicles, or persons we come in contact with as we're traveling -- teach us how to fine tune our ears to hear that which strengthens us to strengthen The Kingdom -- we know that Outsourced Delivery Service, LLC, is Your business and that we are just mere vessels who You have chosen to operate within the business so that we all may be able to return home with our daily bread to feed our families...we know that You will help us build the client base that we will need, in understanding that "if a man or woman refuses to work, as a result, will not eat" -- I promise to work and not be lazy, by giving my all to this opportunity You have blessed us with -- I promise to be a good steward with my clients and my fellow Sisters and Brothers within the network --


We pray to You, because we believe in You, God of us all, we receive and again, Thank You. 

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